Monday, August 31, 2009

A new series: My Hill Country Assurances Part 1

by Terry Thornton


My Hill Country Assurances is a continuing series in which I will present information about self, family, and ancestors. Using the pHOGS approach (photographs, History, Observations, Genealogy, and Stories) I will attempt to explore some of my history and that of my family. Part 1 lists all I am attempting to do with the series and then proceeds to give some of my early life history from my birth to seventeen years when I left Parham for the Army and then offers a brief look at my life through the 1960s.

My Hill County Assurances

  • will take a look at events, persons, and activities which gave me the confidence, audacity, and composure to attempt such a series of articles;
  • will examine some of the individuals, institutions and experiences which shaped and influenced my beliefs and faith;
  • will attempt to present information which will serve as collateral evidence to explain my effrontery, egotism, and determination;
  • will present information to provide alibis when needed or to give credence to my life history;
  • will collectively present information which explains why, even after seventy years of living, I still have a deep dependence upon and a huge appreciation for the Hill Country.

In this series perhaps I will find a explanation for "me" by looking at all of the assurances from my Hill Country experiences.

And I shall start by establishing the fact that I recently celebrated my 70th birthday. I suppose this event (which I celebrated with so much fun) actually means that I have now officially reached "old age." And with my advanced age I know I am required to start acting the part --- and perhaps even speaking with great authority on subjects large and small whether I have any real knowledge of them nonewithstanding.

Does being seventy mean I have to "act" seventy? Click here to read the rest of this article and to view the two photographs . .

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Poem for Hill Country: Crowded Tub

Kicking off this series of Sunday poems is one of my favorite short poems illustrated with one of my favorite snapshots of my grandchildren (shhhhhh! don't tell them this photo is online or else I'll be in deep trouble). Hope you enjoy the poem and share it with some of the younguns in your life. Read today's poem and article by clicking the following link

Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to Hill Country2 and to the Hill Country HOGS WebPress

WELCOME to the Hill Country H.O.G.S. WebPress, the portal, index and table of contents to the online publications of Terry Thornton of Fulton, Mississippi.

You are welcome to access and to read Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi (Hill Country Volume 2 or HC2)at its new locations. HC2 is accessible through links found here; HC2 is posted at a variety of websites but all of the articles are linked here. Most of the articles will be announced here with a short review; some will only appear as links in the left sidebar.

From HC HOGS WebPress readers may access the latest articles at Hill Country2 or the latest articles at my other blogs. All of my current online publications will be eventually linked through the HC HOGS WebPress.

Think of HC HOGS WebPress as the portal to all of my new writing --- as an index to all those articles --- and as a table of contents to my various blogs.

Here at HC HOGS WebPress you will find links to history, observations, genealogy, stories, pictures and research articles from several different blogs as I publish those articles --- including cemetery transcriptions.

Several cemetery inventory/transcription projects are planned for this fall and winter and all of those new reports will be accessible through HC HOGS WebPress.

The primary sites linked at HC HOGS WebPress will, of course, be Terry Thornton's Hill Country of Monroe Country Mississippi. Each new article at HC2 will be announced at the WebPress. It is recommended that you follow the HC HOGS WebPress site so that you get automatic updates of new articles or you are most welcomed to visit daily to see what is new.

Returning readers to HC2 as well as new readers are encouraged to click and follow the link in the left side bar to Some Questions: Some Answers which serves several functions from profile to statement of purpose.
  • Who is Terry Thornton?
  • What is the HOGS or the pHOGS approach to presenting family history?
  • Why did Terry Thornton stop blogging for several weeks? And how does that impact this restart of Hill Country?
  • What is the statement of purpose for Hill Country?
Other HC2 articles are already linked here the HC HOGS WebPress site. You are invited to follow the links at the left sidebar to access those articles. My new "Hill Country" columns from the Monroe Journal (the newspaper for Monroe County) are linked in the left sidebar on this page --- just select and click the article you wish to read.

When you finsh reading the article at whichever of my sites, you should find at the top of the sidebar of the article a "Return to HC HOGS WebPress" link; click that link to be returned here.

There will be fewer posts at HC2 than at the old HC1 site --- and the articles will be more structured. Same with cemetery articles and transcriptions --- fewer. Until my vision problems are completely solved I will be limiting my computer time and, as a result, fewer articles will be published. Although I'm already in the process of photographing additional cemeteries to inventory, the complete transcription and publication of that research will have to wait until my vision is better.

Reader comments are most welcome. On the new pages, however, I will not publish anonymous comments. Please provide your name, city, and state to leave a comment --- and remember that all comments are moderated (meaning I either accept or reject the comment for publication --- I can't edit or correct your comment).

I look forward to "seeing" you again and again at the HILL COUNTRY H.O.G.S. WEBPRESS and at HC2 as well as at other new sites I'm planning to publish in the near future.

Terry Thornton
Hill Country H.O.G.S. WebPress
Fulton, Mississippi