Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can you spot the cemetery in this video?

by Terry Thornton
email: hillcountrymonroecounty@gmail.com

Click on the start button to watch this video made March 15, 2010. Knowles Cemetery is shown in the video. Watch and see if you can determine where the cemetery is in the woods. After watching the video, scroll down for a still photograph of the cemetery.

I've driven past this area many times and had no clue there was a well-established but abandoned cemetery on a slight rise overlooking Halfway Creek within view of the road. Thanks to Ray Blaylock of Sipsey Fork and Sherman Thornton of Amory for directing me to Knowles Cemetery.

Click image for a larger view

For an inventory of the burials at Knowles Cemetery and links to the photograph of individual grave markers, click here.

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