Sunday, March 14, 2010

A new blog: Itawamba County Mississippi BOOK OF THE DEAD

by Terry Thornton

An on-going project is underway to photograph and to transcribe all of the grave markers in Itawamba County, Mississippi. The transcriptions and photographs of the grave markers will be posted at the Book of the Dead as the various cemeteries are completed.

The first cemetery to be posted online at Book of the Dead is Walton Cemetery, a medium-sized rural cemetery which dates to approximately 1860. Walton Cemetery continues to receive burials; the last published index of the burials there was by Betty Burton-Cruber completed in the early 1970s.

Because of the length of the new index to all 900 burials now at Walton Cemetery, the index was broken into twenty alphabetized sections arranged by surnames. At the Book of the Dead, each of those subsections are listed in the right side-bar and are easily accessed.

Within the next few days, the transcriptions of and the links to the photographs of Maxey Cemetery and Chastain Cemetery (both completed in late 2009) will be posted at the Book of the Dead. Files Cemetery which was photographed last week will be posted soon --- and plans are to photograph Little Cemetery this week.

All of the transcriptions from the grave markers of Itawamba County cemeteries will be indexed in a master list at the Book of the Dead.

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