Monday, May 31, 2010

An Invitation to the Memorial Service for David Palmer, CSA Veteran

You are invited to a memorial service for C.S.A. Veteran David Z. Palmer to be conducted at Lann Cemetery, Splunge, Monroe County, Mississippi, at 2:30 PM, Sunday June 6, 2010.

Palmer served in Company B of the 3rd Battalion of the Mississippi State Troops and the service is to mark his grave and to honor his memory. David Palmer was born January 3, 1817 and died June 21, 1887.

Several out-of-state family members are expected to attend this ceremony which will feature re-enactors from local historic military units providing color guard and rifle salute. A bagpiper is expected to be a part of the program.

Hill Country residents will find this sort of memorial service to be a moving and colorful tribute to one who served in the cause of his country. Please make plans to attend to both learn more about our local heritage as well as to welcome Mr. Palmer's relatives to Hill Country.

Historic Lann Cemetery is located near Splunge in the eastern part of the hills of Monroe County, Mississippi. It is the burial place of both Southern Confederates and Southern Unionists who survived the war and learned to live peacefully as neighbors in Hill Country.

If you need help with directions to Lann Cemetery, please email It is recommended you bring your own folding chair. Please be advised there are no facilities nor buildings at Lann Cemetery so come prepared.

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