Friday, September 18, 2009

A Hill Country Landmark: Two Hill Country Families

The series, A Hill Country Family, today takes a looks at a landmark house, home to two Hill Country families whose names are associated with the building. Some researchers called the house The Byrd House after the John Kirk Byrd family who lived there until about 1905. In my lifetime the house was called The Stanford House after the George W. Stanford family who lived there until the early 1960s.

By whatever name, the Byrd-Stanford House is a landmark. Today the house stands as a ruin --- the two-story cabin around which it was constructed has been removed for use elsewhere. But thanks to photographer, historian, and author Glenda McWhirter Todd of Tullahoma, Tennessee, memories of the house will survive through the circa 1980s photographs she has graciously shared with HILL COUNTRY.

To read click A Landmark in the Hill Country: The House of the Byrd/Stanford Families at Splunge.

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