Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hill Country Stories Told In Stone: Shelby Ray Parham Story Continues

The series, Hill Country Stories Told In Stone, Part 3, continues the SHELBY RAY PARHAM STORY started almost a year ago at Hill Country.

The memorial marker for Mr. Parham states simply, "Shelby Parham 1920 - 1944 Lost In Plane Crash Blue Ridge Mts." For today's article about Mr. Parham, click the following link:

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  1. Hi Tab, this is Delmer Skinner, previously RR1, Smithville, MS., presently San Jacinto, Ca. Email Eis0317@wmconnect.com.
    I have spent most of the morning surfing your website. Love the Parham/Thornton stores input, however, I feel that it would be very fitting to include something about the old swim hole, (Parham fishpond) After all, it served as the local swim hole through about three generations.
    Now that you have my email address, drop me a line sometimes.
    Take care and enjoy life as a gift.


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