Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hill Country Places: AMORY, MISSISSIPPI

The series, Hill Country Places, continues today with Part 2, AMORY, MISSISSIPPI. Three different articles are used to present only part of the story about Amory.

The main article features some of the history of Amory --- and presents fourteen different photographs of Amory scenes.

Two additional secondary articles are linked with AMORY, MISSISSIPPI, The first one presents Amory, Mississippi: Through the Windshield Video, a short film of a fast ride up Main Street on September 6, 2009, and the second one is Amory Mississippi Centennial Silver Medallion, a look at a 22-year old artifact from Amory's 100th birthday.

Click these links to access these three articles about Amory, Mississippi:

Amory, Mississippi: Through the Windshield Video (check sidebar of this link for all video presentations about Hill Country)

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